Golden Days @ PMI,,,,,,,,

pmi-ntpcThe most cherished phase of my job was ( and still is,,,,,,,, )  from 16/10/2007 to 14/03/2008. During this period as per the training calendar of my company , we had to go through the classroom training at Power management institute ( PMI ) , NOIDA . This institute is a training arm of NTPC( National Thermal Power Corporation) .

 The classroom training was a 22 week program . We were given twin sharing accommodation at Royal Palace ( hotel ) , Noida . My room-mate , Madhwi Joshi ,  was a native of Uttarakhand and thankfully shared a lot of characteristics and mannerisms with me ( A blessing in disguise ) . Contrary to the popular notion that we choose our friends , she was chosen  for me by the Almighty 🙂 . We shared a spacious big room with large glass doors and a big balcony  , royal for both of us , not so royal for some others 😛 .

First Day at the classroom was interesting , amazing  , awesome and everything it ought to be. All the E.T’s were seated in a big large classroom with brand new name plates shining on our desks . First week was an introduction module about the corporation we are going to work for . It fairly lasted for  3 days. Classroom sessions at PMI  were a 5 day week affair .

Mr . Sujit Varkey was our course co-ordinator . He is an excellent motivator, counselor , humble ( although he has  a  big physique 🙂 ). OUTSTANDING ,EXCELLENT ,MARVELOUS were his choice of words , which used to flow for every trainee. He used to laugh at jokes along with us but ensured that all of us attended the classes regularly. I always used to amaze at his memory power. 6 years now , he still remembers all of us by our name , state we belong to and the presentations we had delivered .  As far as I am concerned he remembers me by the presentation  on ‘finance module’ .

The modules incorporated in our programme schedule are : Total Quality Management & Corporate Planning , material management , Organisational development , Quality , Resettlement & Rehabilitation , Corporate Social Responsibility , Environment , Hydro Electric Power Plant , self-development , social skills , commercial , psychometric tests , business English ,finance, Drama and Outbound module. ( The detailed calendars of theses modules will be updated later 🙂 )

The Drama and Outbound modules are highlighters and stars ( of celebrity status ) among all of the above mentioned.

We were trained by excellent teachers cum actors from National School of Drama .”Andheri Nagari , Choupat Raja “(Dark kingdom , Foolish king)  was the title of our drama.(the video will be uploaded soon:) ). The “Raja” in our drama , during the practice sessions was faltering  at being bewakuf ( foolish) . The director of our play , suddenly rose up from his seat and sprung into action.  I was astonished for the ease with which he  displayed an extreme act of foolishness without any costume,makeup or lighting.

We went to “Thanagazi” , 8 k.m from Alwar , Rajasthan for our outbound module. We camped at tents , learnt rappling , trekking , had bonfire etc,,etc,,.

As the modules are purely management and business oriented , they gave me a fair share of nightmares. It took me and my roomie little bit of time to cope up with all the activities like presentations, quizzes, debates and discussions.

Our batch had around 31 ( technical ) trainees. We were picked up and dropped from the hotel to PMI by a bus. The bus driver was haryanvi ( belonged to Haryana 🙂 ) . One fateful day I sat beside the driver’s seat and was peeping out of the window. On a sudden break , he roared with all kinds of bad words he can speak , I looked around and found a buffalo crossing the street 🙂 . It took me time to understand and to burst with smiles that he was scolding the buffalo for coming in his way . ‘Jai Ho Haryanvi ‘

Every  batch  has their own bunch of humorists , we also had a few 🙂 . ( I ll put their names after their consent  🙂 ) . The bus journey was an excellent opportunity used by them to display their excellent sense of humor and comic – timing. Me and my roomie used to silently enjoy , while sitting in the last row of seats. After dinner , safely locked up in the Royal  room , it was our turn to tag all the of them with unique kind of names ( which they can’t even think of 🙂 ) . All these years it was a best kept secret 🙂 .

Another scary thing in Delhi along with the traffic and pollution is – winter .For a  south Indian to survive in the worst winter is like a horror movie becoming real 🙂   . The worst thing is SMOG (Smoke + FOG) . On a not so cold rainy winter morning it took us 15-20 mins to locate our bus , which was standing less than 50 mtrs away from our hotel gate .

As our training module came to an end on the not-so-fortunate day of 14/03/2008  , with tears in eyes and a heavy heart , we moved on to our next module – ROJ ( Rotation ON JOB) .

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