Fiction for me is none other than a lot of imagination intertwined with real life experience . To distinguish between these two is like churning cream from milk  by centrifugal action , practically this is next to impossible . There may be  similarities between the  things we do see in real life  and the one we read , at last it all boils down to the writer who mystifies the de-mystified world . It’s a form of art , for me , and of course some other skills too 🙂 . I just hope my dabble in this field turns out to be a right decision .

This page is a pre-cursor to fulfill my dream . I am going to publish  here the  stories  packed with whatever  I can  and which are solely my own creation  . I request all my readers and the audience to please post the things they liked or the parts of the story they find uninteristing .


Thanking you , in advance ( to all those who critically analyse my stories  🙂   )


Your’s faithfully

—-> A Novice writer




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