Aahil ‘s actions

22 April 2019

Whatz yo name?

There are three kittens at my in-laws house .Aahil is so excited to see them. He run’s towards them ,bends on his knees and says ” Hi kitty , howwa u , watz ur name? “.I m simply stunned.

Next day ,aahil wakes up from his bed . He usually lunges straight into my arms and sheepishly wishes ” moingal ( Good morning in his language) with a beautiful peck on my cheek but today it’s different. He went straight to the kittens and wished them good morning with a salute on his forehead. He introduced them ( kittens) to the leef(leaf) , shawi ( flower) and asked them if they had slept last night.

Now I m aghast.I wish I had my camera with me to record this moment. Better luck next time 🤔.