Bedtime strategies

This kid has many diplomatic options at his disposal. The best ones are hidden in the armour and reserved for usage at the end of the day. That golden hour is called ‘BEDTIME ‘ , the most awaited last programme of the day 😉.

The programme starts with PREVENTIVE DIPLOMACY. He tries in every way to prevent switching off the lights . Then follows the usage of Soft power tool 😂. He tries to snatch the lowest hanging fruit i.e his father’s heart. ” Please papa I want to play chess/ball/hide&seek”.

In case papa’s exhausted and slumbers in bed then comes the Appeasement from the arsenal directed towards mumma(mom). ” please read the alphabet’s book ma”, pointing his fingers to dinosaurs ” what’s this ma ??”. His delighted mother explains carefully all the big pictures in the encyclopedia. 😆. There goes another hour.

Now the impatient father wears the angry mask and shouts atlast ” Go to sleep or else I will call the witch which takes away the children to hostel ” 😄. The smart kid believed in witch initially and allowed the parents to turn off the lights. But as the days went by he just threw off a sentence on his father ” call the witch and she ll take u , momma and me to hostel” .🤣. I wonder how I believed in witches and sorcery till 20’s 🤔.

Then comes the Gunboat diplomacy, 😂 an irked father and an energetic son. Switching off lights transforms into second phase where the load balancing shifts to mom. ” Mom milk pleaseeeeeee” comes the pressing request. In my professional career I have very rarely come across a negotiator who is pleasing and demanding in a same sentence and on a same scale 😯. This is one of them.

The scales very quickly shift to the father , ” papa switch on the star lights”. These lights, a gift from my bro , reflect stars and moons on walls ceiling , something like disco lights but kinda soothing to the eyes. Even I got addicted to watching the lights.

The last but the most powerful weapon is released ” Mumma , tell me a story “. This story can’t just be anything but a detailed description of animals and the jungle. The competition between the animals and athletics is much appreciated 🤣. MIND YOU !! This saga of story telling is never smooth , always interrupted and interjected by his own narration. Sprinkling each and every known bird , animal and reptile in between 😂.

Then the ultimate cannons of the father start firing , ” Are u sleeping or shall I wake u up early morning, even before the sun rises ” . The kid just drapes his sheet over the face and watches side-ways 🤣.

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