Book review: My grandma’s bag of stories by Nishant Joshi

First of all, I want to thank Nishant ji for providing me this wonderful opportunity to review his book πŸ™.

There are many books in this genre of stories by grannies, but this book provides a refreshing perspective of the real world. The kids from upper primary up to pre-teens will enjoy the most.

There are 40 stories covering major aspects of human value and ethics. Some are based on animals and the others are based on real life characters.

These stories will definitely add a wonderful fragrance to the blooming minds of the kids. Grooming kids and alerting them on the dangers of the real world is a unique special feature of these stories . As parents we all desire our kids to become responsible and realistic without losing our traditions and morals. These stories perfectly fit in that category.

A hearty congratulations to Nishant Joshi ji to bring out such book .

Expecting more such books from you to rekindle the imagination of young minds πŸ‘©β€πŸ« .

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