No where πŸ™„

Head drowned in the ground below, I was slowly absorbing the harsh words thrown by my BOSS. Yes it’s true ,no matter what , the BOSS is always right πŸ˜›. My hands clasped , my heart racing , I was just waiting for him to finish , just to remind him that I will be on leave for next 2 weeks ( after all 2 weeks πŸ™„ ). I don’t know why but it is always a herculean task to remind him of my leave. Even though if it’s only twice a year. πŸ€”.

Huhhh , finally waving goodbye to the owl in the office , I just flew back to my quarters. Hurriedly picked up my bags and jumped down the staircase. ☺ . A kind-hearted staff offered me lift , up to the bus stand . (Rishikesh has no rails connecting Delhi ). Waited impatiently for the bus , which dropped me at Hardwar railway station.

I had to board a late night train to Delhi. Hardwar station wears a deserted look at stroke of 9 in the night. πŸ˜“. To kill another two hours I had nothing to do but read.πŸ‘©β€πŸ«. The train was running half an hour late , πŸ˜₯. Wearily sitting below the speaker I was trying not to fall asleep. At last the train arrived, moving back and forth I tried to locate my seat in the darkness. 🀨.

Huffing puffing, I threw my bags on the berth , pulled up my sheets and then turned on the night lamp. Tossing on the berth I couldn’t fall asleep. Picked up my book , Siddharth Mukherjee ‘s ” The emperor of all maladies ” .

I didn’t notice at first but I felt like a pair of eyes peeping at me. Hiding my nose inside the book I tried to figure out whose eyes were those. πŸ€”. Then drew back to the para , searching for the sentence I have last read. A hoarse voice startled me.

” Are u a book worm ? ” was his question.

I said ” I guess so .”

“Are u an introvert too ?”

I was like , what’s this ? , replied ” So?” .

He said ” I don’t mean to interrupt, but reading such heavy book at this hour is not digestible. Are you a medical student?”.

I said ” No , reading is my passion “.

He asked ” Then what are you doing here in holy place ” .

I said ” I work here ”

He was puzzled ,” How’s that possible? Hardwar doesn’t have any industries/software companies? ”

“I work in a public sector which generates electricity using hydropower ”

He said ” Ohhhh , even I work for NTPC ”

Then the conversation revolved around the hardships of working for two- three bosses, the burden of writing and re-writing memo’s , preparing unnecessary drafts for meetings, re-phrasing the minutes of meetings 😁 huhh. We talked and talked and talked and bickered , thus the night passed. It was like two ladies scolding their husbands πŸ˜‚.

He asked ” Whom are you visiting in Delhi ? ” .

I said ” I have to board another train at Delhi cantoment to reach my hometown “.

He said ” ohh is it ? I ll drop you there ” and then offered to join for the breakfast in the railway canteen.

I got a call from my mom to check my status. Then another call followed , I couldn’t resist my temptation to tease my cousin for his upcoming engagement.

He quickly gulped the breakfast and asked me ” Are you engaged? ”

I don’t what dawned upon me ☺ I said “Yes ” ( I was neither engaged nor had any boyfriend except bookfriend 🀣 ).

He just said ” I have to go , my girlfriend is waiting for me ” and thus hurriedly bade good bye.

I couldn’t stop smiling all the way to home 🀣 .

7 thoughts on “No where πŸ™„

  1. Hi Aruna, the really funny part being an Indian was that the guy left you so easily with the one-liner about his girlfriend. Lol. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Humour is hard to come by on WP & I search A LOT.
    Thanks and much appreciated for sharing


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