Exams Marathon !!!!!

Exams marathon , yess u have heard it right πŸ˜€.

First things first HAPPY NEW YEAR ,this is my first wish to everyone out there whom I couldn’t reach on 1st Jan .🀩 (technological issues πŸ€”, lost my phone)

This marathon took off when I was a young girl in early twenties, a decade later, I am still running the race πŸ™„. From domestic to international the transition hasn’t been smooth ,but it turned me into both an experienced and a senior player πŸ˜‰.

Today I was surprised to see results of an international exam which comfortably crossed the required limit. Nonetheless this was an adventure in itself. Preparing for an exam out of the blue is an uphill task and practising for it with a kid clinging on my back is like mountaineering without any gear . Anyways I have enjoyed this one too.😊.

My marathon kicked off in late teens with job search which usually precedes the completion of under-grad degree. Then followed a series of job enhancing exams and then post grad , of course😏. It took a beautiful U-turn when I went back to class to prepare for India’s most coveted exam 😎. One of my co-aspirant said (in Hindi ) ” yaar, hum toh India mai paidah hue hai exam likhne ke liye πŸ˜„” that roughly means :”Indians are born to write exams & exams & exams”. I would agree 101%with this guy. Securing 95% marks is nothing for us(Indians)unless until It is 99.9999999%.πŸ€”

Every fortnight I had to run through least known corners of Delhi, just to write exams. Prepare my attire in the most formal ways for interviews. Those were the excruciating days. A couple of years passed by then my husband came along followed by a kid. Finally it occurred to me that the marathon has come to an end. Here lies the anti-climax πŸ˜‰ . My fate laughed at my conclusions and plans and threw up more exams to prepare for ,,,, lolπŸ˜….

Here again I find myself sitting in the exam hall ,sharpening my pencils for the exam πŸ˜„. This was followed by an endless waiting period of time in the anticipation of results. πŸ˜“.

I guess exams are engraved strongly in my fate .☺. There’s no escape from it. Looking back those were the best days which I can recollect . The exam hall refreshed my memories some sweet some not so sweet. Overall I am happy to be back and running . 😁

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