Book review -“Persepolis ” Marjane Satrapi

Pondering over the best gift ideas for my loved one ,my eyes caught up on this unique book. I was further confused whether a comic book was a perfect choice . That’s how I finished reading this one before actually gifting it.

I was a kid of 90 ‘s era when our comics were simple and infused with moral lessons at the end. Those of which i can still remember are : Panchatantra , Archies, Chacha chowdhary & Champak .As a grown up I have never had a chance to go back to comics except for Dilbert’s . This book is a refreshing relief from many autobiographies and left me nostalgic. 😊.

Once I started flipping through the pages I could never put it down ,, like the olden days 😌. Of course as the name suggests it’s a book on Iran struggling in 70’s & 80’s . Still somehow I felt a strong connection even though we are miles apart , times are different, poltical atmosphere is different and even ages. I guess that’s the beauty of the author , every girl will connect with her.

The book starts with the innocence of a kid to the extreme effects of revolutions and war and then traverses between her pre-teens and teens. Although I am blessed to be born in peaceful times and peaceful family I couldn’t stop empathising with her on identity issues and equally on perils of speaking our minds πŸ˜†.

Though not an immigrant, identity crises still haunts in my country where cultures are different from oceans to mountains.As the topography changes so does the people , there’s a hell lot of change.πŸ˜₯.

The sense of humour is subtle yet pricks the soul and the best part is ,,,, it ages with the protagonist in a good way. The reader can’t help falling in love with the kid , sympathising the teenager and adoring the grown woman all at once .

Apart from the movie what really glued to my heart was her interview with Emma Watson , Yesss 😍 Hermione of Harry Potter movies . Ms.Satrapi’s ideas on feminism and her vision for future generations is simply superb .

Here’s the detailed transcript for those who are further interested

And for the movie part I am still waiting for the chance to see. In the meanwhile here’s a link below of the trailer :

Happy reading 😊

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