Book review “In the name of GOD ” by Ravi

Intrigued by the small headline on the cover of this book , ” The John Grisham of banking ” , I just couldn’t resist borrowing it.

I m a die – hard fan of John Grisham naturally comparison creeps in at every step , BUT , yess a big BUT , Ravi has done an excellent job. He stays true to the Indian culture and in this process never becomes melodramatic or overbearing nor misses the suspense as the plot thickens.

As an aspirant for various services , I had to rigorously go through every piece of information in newspapers. I do still vividly remember the hullabaloo when the case of opening vaults at the celebrated Ananth padmanabhaswamy temple was being heard at Supreme Court.

All kinds of stories , rumours and what -not’s floated every other day. Swept the entire southern India and it’s people off its feet. Everything was blown out of proportion. Such was the magnanimity of the case , naturally it falls prey to more assumptions and illusions than anything else. In the midst of such uproar sticking just to the facts is a great deed in itself. Ravi has done a commendable work in doing so.

The portrayal of protagonist is an excellent work done by the author. Love, mystery, fiction and structural failures of the bureaucracy , are all well etched out in exact proportions , not an ounce here or there.

The author has done another excellent job compared to John Grisham, he kept in mind the cultural sensivities which are so core to the Indian society .He treaded this path with such an excellence of a rope walker.He has also dealt with the nitty gritty of the temple and the ecosystem like an insider which is difficult to find in Grisham’s books. Hats off. 👏 .

Like all Grisham ‘ s novels yes this one is complicated and as the preface says it has to be read at a slow pace digesting each and every episode before moving on to new one. Only one way this falls behind is in the area of conclusion. Of course it’s difficult to give one which is already in news for a long time, but it could have been more crisp and believable . Nonetheless this book is worth buying than borrowing. 😊

Happy Reading.

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