Moving cities, changing house’s has been engraved deeply in my fate. Despite of my hatred for change I m seated on a sling which catapults me every now and then. 😆.

Of course my experiences grew richer and richer, along with the horizons of my mind which expanded and widened and stil so (like the universe 😉).

Moving cities has its own pros and cons. New city offers new places to visit, new friends to make and new cuisines to try. It also throws up new hurdles to face ,ignorance of markets, localities, medical facilities and above all time to settle in.

Like Orhan Pamuk, I m an introvert who loves stability and craves for a place to be called home , BUT , my fate has different plans for me. It sling shots me to an entirely different place whenever I start to feel like home. This time Delhi was becoming my home away from home, somehow I was falling in love with it , then karma came calling .Shifting to Pune ,located in western India , with lot , stock , barrel , was a bit challenging.My heart was swinging back and forth with different thoughts.My mind raced with plans on how , where and what .

On frantically searching the Internet , old newspapers and blogs I understood that this was a better place than Delhi on some aspects like air pollution , people (yes they are kind than Delhiites ) and food.Living here I agree in the above two , but food , ohhh I miss Delhi like nothing else. Street food and clothes are the heart of Delhi ‘ s market along with accessories and crockery. Even for ascetics , window shopping is a must for anyone who is in Delhi (you just can’t help with the overwhelming variety ) .Pune is a bit laid back for street shopping , this makes my husband happy as it makes less holes in his pockets 😅.

Even in the age of Internet moving places makes us to lose friends. Number of hours of phone calls will decline first then followed by number of calls itself and after sometime they will altogether stop , just limiting to Facebook posts. Forging new friends takes time and strengthening them takes still more time thus loneliness creeps in between , huhhh 😥, lot of work .

In all this gloom and doom there’s a hidden excitement to tour the city and try different cuisines at the best restaurants.

Hope, somewhere, somehow, down the line I ll settle at a place and in a house which can be called my home.

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