Life is a CIRCUS

Fatalist or Pessimist, I am not either of them . Still while watching the recent show put up by some XYZ troupe in my town somehow I could trace the entire life in that circus ring. This troupe hired artists,  performers from different countries around the world.A dozen kids were standing besides their elders who were  in the ticket  queue.Pushing and pulling each other meanwhile filling up each other’s ears with stories of all kinds of bravery, was a scene at which I couldn’t stop giggling. 

The show picked up the last item of the previous episode. This one was acrobatics on swings , high up in the air.’ BALANCE ‘ is the key.So is with our emotions, Isn’t so ??? . Anger, frustration, disgust should never be over and above a certain frequency , otherwise balance is lost.We will fall off guard with no cushion zone to bear the brunt.

Jugglers, Trapeze artists displayed an extreme form of concentration, but with ease. That was truly a commendable art .To specialise in our chosen fields of work don’t we need such highest form of concentration ??? . Years and years of practice infuse fluidity in our craft , in spite of this only some of us excel thus wearing  the crown of success and the other lesser mortals like me just get on with the flow of life.

Of all the acts , two of them particularly captured my heart and stole my mind.One of them was a ring dance by a bellè.She was a young girl with a medium built structure but flexibility of highest level. She danced like a peacock with a set of two dozen rings.Every muscle of her body displayed extreme strength , even her neck, which amazed me like nothing else. The formation of spring by a set of fifty or more rings using all her muscles was extraordinary. She performed all these without an inch of disgust. Her smile was even more priceless , it never faded not even for a second.It was so infectious that I couldn’t close my widened lips .Her act reminded me how important flexibility is . Our mind plays different games with us , isn’t it? ? To control it , drive it and to take the most troubling hurdle with ease requires flexibility of highest order.

The other act , of course they were three acts , were performed by Africans.It was really amazing. The speciality of their acts was that they combined their stunts with their music. The synchronisation of the performers and the simplest dance steps were really amazing and marvellous. A hundred feet wide smile was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I guess a smiling face and a beautiful soul is the real beauty irrespective of colour and complexion. Then it suddenly strikes to me that a strong backup and support system of our near and dear along with the synchronisation of thoughts with them is utmost necessary for RYTHYM of LIFE.

Last but not least ::
No matter what happens,  as they say ” THE SHOW MUST GO ON “.

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