“Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children ” Book review

Touted as the ‘next Harry Potter ‘ by a famous reviewer , I just instantly bought this book with no second thought. The narration unfolds through the words of the hero, a sixteen year old lad , rewinding his grandpa’s stories.The suspense builds upto a peak and then dies down and then peaks up with his grandpa’s death.The plot sustains the thrill quotient for some more time till the hero discovers the truth behind his childhood stories.The narration loses steam in between and dies down .

The entire story follows this pattern ‘crest- trough -crest -trough ‘ like a sea wave. 

Monsters, beauties, witches and hunters are no less new to us but this one plot makes them seem pale.They all lose steam once half of the pages are finished. 

Time loppers and time travellers are much more interesting and fascinating to read in ‘Chronicles of Narnia’.I couldn’t understand whether this writer was trying to make it an action thriller interspersed with world war 2 or a teen wonder .May be he lost somewhere in the middle.

One thing needs commendation, this story gives most deserved and  valuable place to birds.

Harry Potter had all the known monsters , wizards and witches but it was still a class apart due to it’s riveting story telling and distinctly being close to the pre-teen and teen world.This book had the ingredients but lost somewhere in the middle.It’s a best book to read when you want to kill time.

The movie trailer is much more fascinating than the book.



6 thoughts on ““Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children ” Book review

  1. I’m glad they show respect to birds in the book. I think older generation telling their childhood stories could be wonderful. Too bad this didn’t pan out. . . I haven’t seen the movie but may rent it now that it has been out here awhile. 🙂 Not a first run movie is what you helped me to realize. Smiles, Robin


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