Scouting for a House


Be it an apartment , or an individual house a shelter is one of the most undeniably basic common need . Irrespective of whether we are searching for a temporary nest or a permanent settlement to live in it’s a herculean task . A “Produnova ” task ( the most complicated jump in gymnastics )  in itself .

Searching for a (rented) house as a bachelor has its own pros and cons . I was fired with plethora of questions even before the owners let me see their wonderful palace . These questions ranged from little bit personal to too personal types. Some of them are like  :

Where do you work ?

Are you going to share and (if yes ) with how many ?

How much do you earn ?

Where do u belong to ?

Where are your parents ? and how much do they earn ? How many times will they visit you ?

Why are you still single? ( then they go on to quote examples of how in their times , like somewhere before Christ , girls were married before they crossed their teens .) etc  etc.and many such extra useful information on getting married early , benefits of being a house-wife,   you know smiley.jpg ,  the information overload it never ends .

Usually the first set of questions were answered promptly  , then as the nature takes its own turn we too become street smart , some are dodged , some are painted and some others skipped  . I guess like the warning on the cigarette packs the owners should also be given warning ” Please DO NOT interfere too much , they will slip away before you know “.

In small towns like Rishikesh , it is extremely difficult to find a normal ventilated one- room set in a decent location . It is the same case with metropolitan city like Delhi , BUT , (yes a big but ), metro’s have options for scouting in  one locality or the other ,   for sure that  in a radius of 50 km we will find something or the other. The scenario is entirely opposite for a small town there will be hardly a couple of streets , that’s all , all your options are ceased .

The next time they see your face even in a market place  , they will embrace you like good old , long-lost friend with pitiable questions like ” You still didn’t a find a place ? Do You  ” , “Ohh You were the girl searching for a house!!!  ”  , as if I did something wrong or hurt their feelings.

Metros also  pose hurdles but  in some other way , I felt like a gymnast whirling and whirling on the  floor but didn’t find a right place to stop or as I can  say  ” Spot ON ” . Here you are judged by the amount of make up on your face , the quality of accessories you carry like whether the handbag  is from Sarojini market  or from ZARA .

Unfortunately if you are a girl then  how western the clothes are , how many English words you throw in and to what extent you pretend that you don’t know the local language ( in my case Hindi ) . Irrespective of my  marital status , by this time I got married , these ‘ too’ personal questions haunted me again . Business is impartial but yes they prod in to too much .

My search began in good old Noida , where everything “First ” in my life happened , first job , first salary etc. The apartments are way too far away from market places , they are more commercial , more overpriced and less livable . RWA’s (Resident Welfare Associations) came to my rescue . These too have their own fault lines .The houses will be left empty but will not be given to direct seekers .The entry is  ONLY through brokers / middlemen , and these jokers do make you shell out the amount equal to a month’s  rent .

Huhh , hurdles  , hurdles ,  hurdles everywhere . I do now realise why my parents hyper-actively searched and built their own nest while we were still kids . download1.jpg

Newspapers , magazines , journals and T.V. of course spoke out in a voice of million decibel on how Muslims were  denied the houses on rent . Even Sarkaria commission brought out a detailed version of how much and how many discriminations  do they face . I guess it’s time to bring out report on how GIRLS esp the singlets face the door banged  on their nose.

2 thoughts on “Scouting for a House

  1. Singles looking for homes and apartments do face challenges. Sounds very competitive and tough. Hope you are feeling better and have found a place which is caring and accepting of as you call yourself a “singlet.” 😊


    • It is indeed a challenging task to find a decent place . Yes Robin, I found a nice liveable house albeit with some hardships. Above all, I’m not a ‘singlet’ , married to a verbose 🙂


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