Environ”MENTALISM” ? ! ? !


According to some people living in some part of the world , whatever they are vocal about,,,,, matters most to the ROW (Rest of World) . I don’t know whether this can can be classified into highest form  of self centric egoism or something else , ought to find a new word .

While growing up we had one such type of this neighbour , who was always vocal about her views , opinions and arguments and forcibly tried to prove that only and only her views are correct  ,all others are ,,,, you know useless. Fatefully she rules the committee board , had all the maids , servants and peons under her control . I don’t know why , probably because of some invisible charm at play , every other servant was  terrified of her orders and her will .

I  wonder whether this also happens exactly at the macro level i.e at continental and international level . For them ” tions ” are more popular than  ” isms ” , like colonization , industrialization  than Marxism or Racism . Like the vociferous neighbour we had in my childhood ,  our world is full of them , first they conquer , conduct wars , though among themselves still they are called world wars (  historical anomaly  😉 ) , then they educate others on how to live and now on how to protect ENVIRONMENT.

I can’t say gone are the days of territorial conquer , and victory based on geographical areas under control ,,, which was famous hobby and main J.D ( 🙂 you  know Job description ) of powerful kings . These territorial gains are still valued  and status quotient depends on how many countries you can command on finger tips albeit in a different form . This form can be aptly named as “Negotiations ” .

Jaspal Bhatti says in one of his episodes of “FLOP SHOW ” , ” The status of an honest and high standard manager depends on the number of meetings he conducts per day , per month and per year . ” Year after year , decades after decades meetings are conducted , conferences are held , large scale promises are made ( only to be backtracked later ) , yet no result . Millions around the world are dying from all kinds of  disasters . Take the latest case of Nepal’s earthquake , whose prediction is still a daunting  task  isn’t not ? 🙂 We all  think so , but these so called earth savers say they can predict it. For Geology students who have studied P-waves , S-waves please erase all those things you have studied , because  “SAN ANDREAS  ” ( grow up ,it’s a movie )  will definitely  prove you wrong. It’s again the HERO rising from the opposite direction of the Sun saves the world . I wonder HOW ? .

Let me ask what is the result of Kyoto protocol, Montreal Protocol ? , more and more air pollution,,,,,, and  ever expanding OZONE hole ,,,,,and more and more disasters,,,,,? . What is the need for celebrating Sparrow Day , Earth Day , and many more Days ? when we have heaps and tonnes of plastic lying around . What is the need of nicely dressed men in suits and blazers roaming all around the continents to conduct so called COP ( conference of Parties ) , CBD(convention on Bio-Diversity ) in costliest jets , air planes and Boeing’s when there’s no fresh air to breath and no fresh water to drink .

All this definitely boils down to Keynesian theory of Aggregate Demand , always the forceful few push these expenditures to such an extent that demand for consumption increases and thereby production increases thus providing truck load of profits . This is the reason “EnvironMENTALISM ” is the new norm . Although opposed to all ” isms ” , it was my Eureka moment that I found an answer for ” WHY is this ‘-ism’ embraced like nothing else than other ‘isms ‘ ” .

Still,,, following the “ism”  of the land on which I am born , which  teaches non-violence and  ” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ” , I will have to bear the fact that all the siblings in a house are not always alike , likewise some are more demanding and aggressive than others .

I will surely reckon that this fad of  “EnvironMENTALISM ” is going  nowhere  in near future and IT IS HERE TO STAY .

Therefore the moral of the story is those who are preparing for any exam or any interview in INDIA , irrespective of what your job profile asks , do PREPARE this  new  “ism ” , as you have to celebrate ” World Environment DAY ” on June 5 by distributing money plants and grass in small pots in you office 🙂


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