Environ”MENTALISM” ? ! ? !


According to some people living in some part of the world , whatever they are vocal about,,,,, matters most to the ROW (Rest of World) . I don’t know whether this can can be classified into highest form  of self centric egoism or something else , ought to find a new word .

While growing up we had one such type of this neighbour , who was always vocal about her views , opinions and arguments and forcibly tried to prove that only and only her views are correct  ,all others are ,,,, you know useless. Fatefully she rules the committee board , had all the maids , servants and peons under her control . I don’t know why , probably because of some invisible charm at play , every other servant was  terrified of her orders and her will .

I  wonder whether this also happens exactly at the macro level i.e at continental and international level . For them ” tions ” are more popular than  ” isms ” , like colonization , industrialization  than Marxism or Racism . Like the vociferous neighbour we had in my childhood ,  our world is full of them , first they conquer , conduct wars , though among themselves still they are called world wars (  historical anomaly  😉 ) , then they educate others on how to live and now on how to protect ENVIRONMENT.

I can’t say gone are the days of territorial conquer , and victory based on geographical areas under control ,,, which was famous hobby and main J.D ( 🙂 you  know Job description ) of powerful kings . These territorial gains are still valued  and status quotient depends on how many countries you can command on finger tips albeit in a different form . This form can be aptly named as “Negotiations ” .

Jaspal Bhatti says in one of his episodes of “FLOP SHOW ” , ” The status of an honest and high standard manager depends on the number of meetings he conducts per day , per month and per year . ” Year after year , decades after decades meetings are conducted , conferences are held , large scale promises are made ( only to be backtracked later ) , yet no result . Millions around the world are dying from all kinds of  disasters . Take the latest case of Nepal’s earthquake , whose prediction is still a daunting  task  isn’t not ? 🙂 We all  think so , but these so called earth savers say they can predict it. For Geology students who have studied P-waves , S-waves please erase all those things you have studied , because  “SAN ANDREAS  ” ( grow up ,it’s a movie )  will definitely  prove you wrong. It’s again the HERO rising from the opposite direction of the Sun saves the world . I wonder HOW ? .

Let me ask what is the result of Kyoto protocol, Montreal Protocol ? , more and more air pollution,,,,,, and  ever expanding OZONE hole ,,,,,and more and more disasters,,,,,? . What is the need for celebrating Sparrow Day , Earth Day , and many more Days ? when we have heaps and tonnes of plastic lying around . What is the need of nicely dressed men in suits and blazers roaming all around the continents to conduct so called COP ( conference of Parties ) , CBD(convention on Bio-Diversity ) in costliest jets , air planes and Boeing’s when there’s no fresh air to breath and no fresh water to drink .

All this definitely boils down to Keynesian theory of Aggregate Demand , always the forceful few push these expenditures to such an extent that demand for consumption increases and thereby production increases thus providing truck load of profits . This is the reason “EnvironMENTALISM ” is the new norm . Although opposed to all ” isms ” , it was my Eureka moment that I found an answer for ” WHY is this ‘-ism’ embraced like nothing else than other ‘isms ‘ ” .

Still,,, following the “ism”  of the land on which I am born , which  teaches non-violence and  ” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ” , I will have to bear the fact that all the siblings in a house are not always alike , likewise some are more demanding and aggressive than others .

I will surely reckon that this fad of  “EnvironMENTALISM ” is going  nowhere  in near future and IT IS HERE TO STAY .

Therefore the moral of the story is those who are preparing for any exam or any interview in INDIA , irrespective of what your job profile asks , do PREPARE this  new  “ism ” , as you have to celebrate ” World Environment DAY ” on June 5 by distributing money plants and grass in small pots in you office 🙂

2 thoughts on “Environ”MENTALISM” ? ! ? !

  1. Nicely dressed men in conference parties always have fresh air and fresh water, Mostly they are politicians/businessmen who want to pursue their own agenda under the cover of ‘environmentalism’. Those who have the luxury of celebrating Sparrow/Earth/flower day are the privileged whose eyes are shut to ugly realities of surviving with pollution and poverty. These people would be embarrassed if they ever had to explain their ism in front of a poor simple village labourer struggling hard to feed his family.


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