Life of a legal girlfriend !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legal girlfriend? ????
You may say that we all know what it means to be a girl friend , a half – girlfriend  (invented by Mr.C.Bhagat ) and may be neither of them . But ,,,,,,,, a legal girlfriend! !!!!!!!!  Yes A LEGAL Girlfriend does exist  🙂 .


All girls out there who have found their soul mates but still not married will surely agree with this term.
OK now let me move on to this phase and keep aside the discussion on semantics .

Once a girl gets engaged either to a guy of her choice or of her parents choice , it’s like a being served a steaming cup of hot coffee topped with cold vanilla ice cream :). Description is little bit confusing right? 🙂 . The mystery will unfold in the following lines……….

Her day is torn between shopping and phone calls from her legal boyfriend, ( of course fiancee 🙂  ) . Even guys & gals in a relationship also have this same routine but,,,,,,,,, yes a Big BUT ,,,,,,,,, she has this legal freedom to talk on mobile inside the house , before her parents , siblings , relatives and so on,,,,,, .
Apart from these her life goes on tipsy torvy  when comes to the selection of the D-day dress —– the bridal dress.
It does vary and differs for every culture from saree to gown to lehenga . In spite of  wide range of advertisements and the restless parrots like salesmen & women buzzing around our ears ,,, it’s is really and really a herculean task to select a single costume 🙂 Surprising isn’t it? ????.
That’s the beauty of being a legal girlfriend.
This schedule becomes even more stressful & hectic when both of them are working , that too in faraway places…..

Despite running helter skelter we always fall behind the timetable. Interestingly even though if any girl thinks she has planned every micro detail ,,,,, that’s the biggest mistake ,,,, an unwarranted mistake or a loose end props up at the last minute like for example a broken thread of a saree , a loosened button , a dangling hook, if not any one of these then surely a stone or a flower will be definitely out of place,,,,, ☺.
Huhh ,,, there are many other things which also bother a legal friend from lesser issues like the colour of apparel to the heavier issues like ,,,, the kind of house she is going to get as the biggest gift  , her career , aspirations , above all the future husband’s nature & so so forth.

These are her internal fears to top them all, she will be heaped  with advices from EACH & EVERYONE ,,, yes from every tom , dick & harry 🙂 . The world of confusion swirls like a whirlpool.
I always do wonder why Shakespeare , Kalidas and many other greats ended up their stories with the marriage or union of guy and gal , whereas in real life the REAL story starts from here☺

Sleepless nights with phone calls and fears , stressful days with shopping, candlelight dinner define the life of a legal girlfriend. She is torn between the sweet moments shared with the fiancee  and the watchful eyes of relatives .

It’s a beautiful phase if everything goes well till the D-day but always leaves a scar if things go the opposite way and the main hero of the story decides to step back in between .

For me it was the sweetest phase peppered with some spices and some sugar. I Hope every girl enjoys being a legal girl friend with no scars . ☺

15 thoughts on “Life of a legal girlfriend !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. As u say it is phase containing spice and sugar.This happens with every girl and boys who go for legal girlfriend /boyfriend


  2. Well i don’t think thats its just the legal girlfriend who can talk in front of parents, siblings, etc. Nowadays parents are also becoming broad minded. They accept the relationship even before its legal and its perfectly normal to talk in front of them. Also the symptoms listed is same for any other girl who is in relationship. Not necessarily legal girlfriend.


      • Well i don’t deny this fact. I agree that. I come from a tier 2 city and things are not as you said. Maybe you are right but still i feel slowly things are changing and as a responsible citizens we should accept and embrace it.


      • Yes thats what i am trying to say. Reality is bit different and thats the change india is going through.


      • 🙂 u r hell bent on proving ur point. What I have observed and gathered is that the family esp the extended ones behold a steely grip esp. On daughters. U may agree or u may not .This my friends and my own experience.


      • I agree. I also respect you for your experience and observation. Seriously. No offence. And i respect all women to and feel bad for things they have to go through. I don’t want any debate or anything. Just wanted to tell what i felt. Thank you.


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