An unexpected drizzle , on a cold winter morning has its own beauty .

Despite being a night owl , surprisingly I woke up very early , 🙂  really very early considering my own benchmark.

It’s difficult to resist  but let me not indulge in the discussion of the quantity of precipitation which classifies it into dew , drizzle or rain or cloud burst  and the visibility conditions so, on,,,  at least for a while  😛 .

Wrapped in heavy woollen clothes , like my mom describes  wearing  these winter clothes  is similar to a bull loaded  by all types of clothes  on Pongal or Makar Sankranti   .On an early winter  morning accompanied by a drizzle walking on the streets  of one of  dirtiest cities of South Asia ,  as classified   by WHO(World Health Organization)  ,  is really a wonderful experience .

Though apart from the usual belongings an umbrella is a must to protect the woollens from  getting wet . As I step outside before the breaking of dawn , sunlight streaks still visible in the sky , as if they are playing hide and seek with the clouds  and  a cold breeze  splashing on the cheeks  is  mystically enchanting.

Of course some white  , black and red bulls ( sedans, taxi’s and honda city’s )  poke a finger by constantly blowing their horns and splashing the muddy , murkier waters  on  my jeans every now and then.

Still the drizzle calms down the nerves , soothes the open wounds and brings a great sigh of relief  , as the mercury stabilizes itself . It gives a huge advantage to introverts like me , who aspire to remain invisible . Above all the always-busy streets are devoid of bustling  crowds  .

Some poets romanticize this weather  but many daily wage earners  ( these wage earners are not of MGNREGA  🙂 but of  MNC’s  like sales executives , techies etc . )  run around the cities and streets to catch up with time , targets and GOD knows what other things.

I saw  two guys , going through mid-life crisis 🙂 ( now don’t ask me how do I know they are going through crisis , it’s pretty obvious by the way they talk )  , running here and there to cover up themselves from the ever-growing drizzle . They were shouting aloud on their so – called Rs30000- 50000 mobile phones ,  one of them was literally shouting  to his subordinate   , dictating instructions . The other one talking silently and softly , I may be guessing but  it is damn sure that the  one on the other side of the phone  is of opposite gender and definitely not his wife .  🙂

I wonder whether these nature blind  can really see the downpour  , see in terms of not looking but feeling the  winter breeze just sweeping across  and swaying the rain drops sometimes to the  left and then to the  right  like a child on a swing .

This unexpected drizzle is a boon for wheat-growing farmers  as Ms. Sunita Narain of CSE says , ( 😉 and we have to believe  her to write proper answers in Geo – paper 🙂  ) , but it has its side effects too , trains run late , clothes don’t dry , especially socks  , for pedestrians and lesser humans like me , we don’t know where to step on the road or where  not to , as we don’t have wings and can’t fly as soon as we see  drains and all the dirty water  flowing like jet streams , ohh no not like the gulf stream , but yes in a less similar fashion .

Still , an unexpected drizzle is a great sigh of relief from the unending fog and bone  chilling winter .



For those who have magnifying lens in their eyes 🙂    i.e those who are interested in micro details ,

here is the detailed  distinction between drizzle and rain 🙂





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