A Lonely duckling in a pool of couples

When you are a bachelor in your late 20’s with a respectable personal Disposable income ( my economist friends would like to say PDI = Gross Income – Taxes – Basic needs) , relationship status does becomes a substantial query for EVERYONE . EVERYONE means every Tom , Dick and Harry . Every other day you will be pestered by stupid questions like ” Are you still alone ? ” , ” You still didn’t find a partner ??? ” , as if all the singletons are suffering from a disability called  ” LONELINESS ”  . It really feels like slapping them left and right .

Ofcourse we are LONELY , we are happy toooo . These lonely ducklings neednot to bother about their choice of dress , hairstyles , sleeping and waking up timings , choice of menu in a restaurant etc etc.. We are free to make friends without bothering the reactions of our partners. We have lots and lots of free time  and thus can complete reading all the classic books and thus enhancing the arena of our minds . Those who are not very much into books they explore the world and the places ,, explore in it’s truest sense by appreciating the aesthetics of nature monuments and so on ,,,, . We are not henpecked by partners. There’s an endless list .

Apart from all these goodies there’s an empty part within us . As a lonely duckling living in tourist places like Rishikesh , Delhi etc , gives a bizarre feeling . A couple whether in true love or not when goes around the streets holding hands ,  this duckling feels as if she is the only person in the planet Earth or in this whole universe who has no partner . Then her heart breaks into the famous old Hindi song sung by Kishore Kumar  ” Koi Hota jisko apna hum apna keh lete yaara ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ”  .

Someone said to me ” Marriages are made in heaven ”  , I used to say it is crap in my teens now I do agree that really some heavenly intervention is very much necessary  so that one fine day our soul mate just appears before us 🙂 .

Whenever a guy approaches either through parents or directly,,,,, the Crime Investigation Department  (C.I.D) of my brain activates and goes into frenzied enquiry like ” What kind of person is he ? ” , ” How much  does he earn ? ”  , ” How many girl friends  or girls as friends does he have ? “, ” What are his hobbies ? ”  . It’s not necessary to have pre-defined parameters for each and everything but yes the left part of the brain switches into enquiry mode . Then if somewhere some information is either unavailable or some hideous information props up then the ACP Pradyuman stands up and says  ” Kuch toh Gadbad hai  ” 🙂 /*Translation  : ” Something’s wrong ” */

Many accuse us of having high expectations , searching for perfectness ,,,blah blah blah ,, I say all of them are DUFFER’s they don’t know that as in Hindi we say ” Abhi tak hamari kismat Futi nahi ” , 🙂  no holes have been driven by our fate in our lives 🙂 .

All the singletons they differ ,, contradict  and debate on many beliefs issues ideas and so on , but they all converge on one belief and that is :  it’s our destiny  we didn’t meet our soul mates . I wonder ,, when all these meet in a gathering or a party they have only subject to discuss ” MARRIAGE ” , but still this ZAALIM ZAMAANA(bloody world) accuses us that we are not concerned to settle down .

A new guy or a gal approaches and these lonely ducklings breaks into a song ” My Dil(HEART) goes hmmmmmmmm hmmmm”.

” Oh Hello prospective soul mates ,, are you there ??? ,  If you are there,,, are you listening ? ”

( All those CAT and CSATers now don’t apply Logical and critical reasoning for the above statement  ,,

If cause then effect concludes effect not happening then cause will not happen  hehehe 🙂  ) .

WISH ALL the singletons ENJOY being SINGLE , there’s an invisible hand  ( not of ADAM SMITH’s ) but of SUPREME BEING ( the director who created us ) he will ensure to put handcuffs and send u behind the bars on one FINE DAY .. till then,,,,,,,,,,,, YOU ARE FREEEEEEEEEEEE .



2 thoughts on “A Lonely duckling in a pool of couples

  1. superb …..
    emotions of duckling are very well presented by you ….. :),
    and i hope this duckling will also join the opposition party (Group of Couples) very soon…….


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