Cramped Streets of Delhi

To  explain about my relationship status with  Delhi , I have only one word  ” It’s Complicated ” . Sometimes I Love  its ambient spaces like Lutyen’s  , Parliament Road , Delhi Cantonment , Central secretariat and Raisina Hill ( the seat of ultimate power )  . I definitely hate , deep from my heart , the two meter wide streets , I wonder if you can actually call them streets.Anyone can find these streets running parallel to all the main arteries  , not only parallel but also many a times they are aligned  perpendicular .



Any right-minded person can never fail to recognise the rat holed streets crisscrossing every nook and corner . These dungeons , though not enchanting as those of Harry Potter’s Dark alley , but visibly scary . The cables of all sorts will be hanging deadly low , even a 5 foot-something  girl like me can easily touch them . The loose wires will be swaying all over issuing death threats and will catch you unawares. It’s a  100% guarantee that every step will be on garbage , either solid or liquid waste . Mr.Gujrati P.M  alone knows the fate of his broom and his “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.  Huh , even if you safely avoid all these by the grace of your very strong luck and iron feet , it’s a 1000% surety that u will end up racing ,tailing on your  back  might be a Honda City or a Swift or a Vento or even a Volkswagon.I admire the skill with which such bulky fuel guzzling  elephants fit into the already cramped streets .Winter and rainy seasons are particularly dangerous. In the former  season you can’t see even a cyclist standing just 5 meters away and in the latter you are not sure if any of your step lands you into a hell hole. In spite of being hell on earth , Delhi has its own charm 🙂 .


olddelhi6 - Copy--330x220

These scary streets also brought huge respite for a foodie like me. The ‘paranthe waali‘ gali of Old Delhi swells with various fumes and you would automatically drift with them  especially in winters. The mouth-watering samosa’s of Lal kuan bazaar , Chhole Bhature and momos of karol bagh are altogether an unforgettable experience  for every vegeterian’s taste buds.There are many more streets filled upto the brim by the non-vegetarian food but I can’t comment more as I am unqualified in that arena 🙂 . Kulfi Faluda of Old Delhi , intricately woven salwar kameez with kashmiri embroidery , suits bedecked with colored stones of chandini chowk are really mesmerizing. The silver ware of old Delhi is really astonishing , I can guarentee with my personal experience these precious items are never gonna match anyone of the shopping malls in the entire Delhi . Of course a lot of bargaining goes on , every girl or woman starts negotiating with one tenth of the price quoted by the shopkeeper. Huhh , it’s an awesomely tiring job I always wonder how do these women folk pull up such negotiations . Finally at the end of the day a plate of panipuri’s will refresh your tiring soul and feet .


Reviewing all my experiences , I am little skeptical about the upcoming Delhi Master plan 2021 ,  mooted by the state.  I hope to see a beautiful Delhi with ample space for pedestrians and zero  honking  lanes, but still retaining its flavor in every inch .



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