A Bachelor’s housekeeping,,,,,,,,,,,,,

A Bachelor can be categorized into four types with respect to the type of housekeeping  they perform. Of course , I hate categorizing human beings or their nature , but isn’t it also a part of human nature to categorize each and every thing we see or relate our present to past experiences ? . Ok, Now let me introduce you to the categories :

–> The Hitlers

–> The Dependents

–>The Road Romeo’s

–>The Sea Waves

The Hitler’s : Going by the name it’s a misnomer, but it does exemplifies the disciplinary regime followed by THE HITLER.

Maanas is a statistician , works in a highly reputed pharmacy MNC at Pune , Maharastra. He did his Ph.D in a highly reputed University in U.P . He is tall , lean  , dynamic and also an excellent  number cruncher. Unlike the fellow beings of his species he is a strict disciplinarian, doesn’t smoke or drink but has only one extreme bad habit i.e cleanliness.This passion for maintaining utmost cleanliness which he has acquired is debatable , was it due to his upbringing or due to the nature of his work is highly controversial. He maintains a strict regime each and every day , cleans up his dishes and the pigeon-hole apartment every day , washes up his clothes on every weekend and promptly irons them while listening to 70’s Bollywood music. Rain or sunshine , no matter his regime will not change.

Even my once-upon-a-time roomie Madhu maintains her regime thick and thin . I never saw such a beautiful house( whether it is a 6×6 room or a 2 bedroom posh apartment) , well decorated , cleanly kept any day of the year. I think even the full-time house wives  can’t even maintain the house like her . Even she is also a number cruncher.

Moral of the story : Number crunchers are strict disciplinarians or THE HITLERS for normal mortals like us.

The Road Romeos: Like the previous category this one is also a misnomer except for their inherent attitude of take-it-easy-always .

Ravish is an (ex-)IITian ,8 years hence   he still  carries the air .He is also well placed in a chocolate MNC in kolkatta, West Bengal.   The hostel days and its scent never erased off from him , instead imbibed into the very persona itself very strongly. He never cares about washing dirty clothes , nor utensils or the room itself.When comes the decision to pick up a dress for the day , just chooses the least dirty jeans among the most dirtiest and a bright coloured shirt which never shows off that it hasn’t been washed for a month ,  then adds loads of perfumes and sprays to cover up it’s indignant fragrance. He will always be found in food joints , romancing the street food and all kinds of drinks  ( mind it : all-kinds).The two bedroom flat provided by the company will always be never-ending mess, a playground for cockroaches , insects  etc etc.It does makes  the guests feel that railway godown is a better place to live in .

Moral of the story :  Every Genius’ room is a complete mess.

The Dependants: Unlike the above , these people are completely true to their category.

Ishika is a fashion designer , works for an upstart( a fashion for small boutique) in Gurgaon , Delhi . Her ambitions do touch the sky , but her resources and circumstances do not !!!. She belongs to the breed of conscience keepers with middle class income , but wears a mask of upmarket, outgoing , fashionista . She never shies away from taking free curries , snacks or anything from the neighbouring aunties. She is always ready and jumps into parties thrown by friends , peers or colleagues. As this saves a lot of time and relieves her from the heavy-duty burden of cooking and cleaning.Under water-tight circumstances , she calls on her niece or relatives or cousins or aunt’s or even mom to stay with her on the pretext of one thing or the other (so that she can be relieved of the household chores).

Moral of the story: Upstarts are complete clinger(s), they cling on to everything and anything.

The Sea Waves: Last but not least , these are the bumpy ones.

I belong to this category , like the sea waves , our energy levels and moods have crests and troughs.On fine Sunday mornings , I do clean the house ,make bed, wash clothes , iron them and cook an entire new variety of dishes and promptly clean them. On Monday while hustling and bustling to the office , I ll promptly clean everything ( dishes and all ) after every meal.On tuesdays and Wednesdays ,  the dishes will be left for cleaning till night , then comes the Friday and Saturday when I leave the dishes ( of course without cleaning) for  the entire two days till Sunday.  Even cooking follows different cycles of the same kind. Sometimes even days  of doing household chores also do change, Sundays will become lazy, Mondays will be the all-cleaning day and so on,,,,,,,,,,,.

Moral of the story: These people are the most inconsistent fellows.

Disclaimer This piece of analysis is drawn from real life people(names mentioned here are not real) , written not to hurt anyone but it is my sincere and heartfelt request to  take  all the rubbish written above  in a lighter vein . 

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