The saga of Galaxy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Diwali,,, the festival of lights , gifts, sweets, crackers and above all spending holiday time with my family. Rewind to Diwali 2011 , I was bitten by an insect known as gadget mania 😉 ,,,,,, not exactly bitten but usurped by  this insect,,,,:) . I was neck-deep in love with  all the new android smart phones. After  a lottttttttt of persuasion my  father finally bowed his head to my wish. A wish ,,, which ate up one sixth of my bonus, ,,, a brand new android smart phone ..

One fine day along with my sissy I went to a brand new store which sells only smartphones and high-end mobiles,,,, etc. The most chirpy bird ( salesman of the store ) displayed all kinds of available models very enthusiastically in his usual FM Radio style !!!!!!!!!!.

A tri-party meeting followed , presided by my ever enthusiast electro-maniac sissy,  chirpy bird and me. Ohh,,,, in between the store manager (I think smitten by my large purse ) started following me first by his eyes ,, ,,, and then  on his legs,,, 🙂 (he actually stood behind my chair ).

Inevitably confusion followed,,,,,,,,,,,. The deciding member of the group made a grand entry,,,,,,,,, guess who ? (my father  🙂 ) .. He first took the brochure in his hand , very quickly scanned the pages , watching all the figures ( read prices,,,,,,,,) , quickly noting them in his mind and did some mental calculations .As usual in his poised style asked me calmly ,, ” what do u wish to buy ? ”  .

As   I was completely in love ( u know it makes anyone blind ) opted for the smart phone which is the highest priced one ,,,,,,,.He took me back home for off-stage multi-party discussions.,,,(involving my mom , gadget maniac sissy and dad ) . Then followed some prolonged discussions,,,,,,,,,,. I don’t know who convinced who at the end , but we all finally settled for a  middle path.(i.e medium priced , not too high not too low ).

This time my dad came along so as to ensure that I don’t deviate from the  multi-lateral agreement. Huhh , finally I bought a brand new Samsung GALAXY  PRO . The real story starts from here,,,,,,,,:) .

First Love not only brings new life but also obsession.I was completely obsessed with my new-found love . Then I downloaded and installed  angry birds, facebook , gtalk , yahoo messenger , talking tom ,etc etc all the apps available, u just have to name it. I used to check and re-check the apps , clean the OS with all kinds of antivirus which are available for android. Such was the height of passion , that whenever anyone (any other person except me ) touched ,,, mind it ,,, simply touched my mobile ,,, I used to wipe it very passionately with the soft cloth . 24×7 I was online , used to check my mails  and messages very anxiously ( as if I am a CEO of a big MNC,, hehehe 🙂  ). In one short sentence I lost my real world and was completely mystified by digital ,,, oh no ,,, android world.

I think this  barely 6 inch mobile phone  grabbed my entire mind and heart. Really, this Galaxy completely replaced my real WORLD. Complaints started pouring in,,, such as lack of interaction with family members , not playing with my sister , not heeding my mom’s words etc ,,,,,etc.

One fine day my mom silently took away  the phone from me  and locked inside the locker. Whammmm  !!!!!!!!!!!! . World war -4 broke out . 🙂 .Finally the truce was made after 48 hrs , I had to sign an agreement that I will only attend my phone whenever it beeps .(that’s all ,,,,, how disgusting!!!! ) .Still I used to check and re-check my mobile away from my family’s eyes , as the new separated couple always do,,, 🙂 .

Forward to 2012 , about 1-2 months before Diwali , one fine morning I LOST my most loved mobile . My digital world came crumbling down . My mom and sis were sad though but happy to some extent because I came back to my normal life . 🙂 ., reluctantly stepped out of the android world. For the first few days after the theft I cursed the thief a lot , as if I had lost a part of my life . Now I m offline for most of the time , playing around with my sis , gossiping with my mom  . discussing about SUV’s (high-end automobiles ) with my dad 🙂 and above all back to my favorite hobby ” Writing ” . GOD save my readers , I m back again ;).

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