The debacle of Day Dreaming

Couple of days back , a training program  on web technologies has begun . I was very much happy to participate in the program .After a long gap of 2 yrs I found myself sitting in the classroom whole day ( huhhh , a torture in itself 🙂 ) . All my enthusiasm started drowning away , because my instructor was teaching the same topics which I teach to my students ( oops , 😛 , industrial trainees) .

Next morning , the weather was more chilly than usual. I didn’t get to see my best friend of winter – ” Sun ” . The boring fundamental sessions were getting on my nerves. Eventually I found myself dreaming about “Ray” . Oh! no stop your imaginations 🙂 . “Ray” for “Raymond” in “Everybody Loves Raymond” . The other day I was watching this T.V serial and fell in love with the cute character .

Lost in my dreams I didn’t keep track of the class .The instructor was teaching about string functions and it’s applications.He asked us to solve a problem. A string with  double spaces when read into an array counts every other empty space as a character , neglecting the first empty space.He asked us to modify the code in such a way that only the words in the string should be read into an array . …. As I was lost in my beautiful dream ( I won’t share the details 😉 , keep guessing about my dream )  , obviously I didn’t notice the query  , and went on to complete the task (skipping the double empty spaces) .

One of my senior Officer’s asked the instructor about the correct solution , unable to find the right one . I said to myself ” Oh ! ya , This is so simple ”  and went on to display my ignorance in front of everyone . I was little bit surprised by the sudden burst of laughter in the classroom . First wondered , then sunk with shy  on understanding the real task 😛 . That way I was brought back to the real life for just about another half-hour . I was my usual self again , lost in the beautiful world of dreams. 🙂

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