Sweet Sissy

I share an altogether different bond with my lovely sister.We share every kind of relationship ,friends , teacher-student , bull-fighters, pals , so on,,,  u just have to name it 🙂 . Apart from the petty fights  we both need no words to understand each other’s feelings. If one of says it , the other just completes it :).

Last weekend  ,, (being the only week with 5 working days for me ,,, 🙂  ) , me and my mom planned a visit to Lakshman jhula , the remotest jhula in Rishikesh. While sipping Cappuccino in the famous German Bakery located in some nondescript location , my eyes drifted to a pair of brothers kayaking on Ganges. They were not only rowing , but enjoying themselves with all kinds of crazy activities like pushing ,pinching and fighting with their boats . I was suddenly reminded of my sister ( it’s very rare  that I forget her 🙂  ) . My sissy is mischievous , naughty and likes to lead very much active lifestyle . I was once deeply engrossed in my bad habit of book reading . She called me twice then thrice but on my no response situation , she started to pinch me then untied my hair band   , still I was a sitting like a statue  , enjoying her pranks . Then she made the floor dirty and called mom . I didn’t know that she filled my mom’s ears 🙂 , my mom being my mom started all the blessings,,,,,,, 🙂 . Suddenly when I started crying , she came to my rescue and started pleading guilty 🙂 . I was happy to see her soft corner.

We both are two different poles of  globe when it comes to dressing sense 🙂 .  For any special occasion or festival she applies all the finishing touches to my dress , which I accept with utmost resistance . There are unending memories of my sweet sis , to top the chart are the troubled times . She switched on lights in  my  every dark corner , held my hand in every landslide above all understood my tears without words.

Of course it’s a bi-directional relation , but she fulfills the place of my little brother , strong and charming in her own way .Having a strong craving for nicknames , I just filled the gap for her with long list , calling each and every other day with new nickname. She was most popular tomboy in our colony then , and now .True to her name given by our parents she is adored by one and all .Our house was filled with all the children in the neighbourhood and now her small closet shaped hostel room is filled up to the brim .  I sometimes wonder and sometimes feel proud of her charisma 🙂 .

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