The case of curious owners

A couple of weeks back , I shifted my house , after enjoying the so-called company’s bachelor accommodation for a long time . Suddenly on my very first day I started feeling like being promoted from bachelorhood to family .The reception of my land lord was very sweet .After the completion of a customary puja session in brand new house , we moved our belongings. A couple of days went on in packing …and unpacking.My landlady and landlord were much helpful or pretended to be so .Their heightened curiosity in my lifestyle started to pinch me a little, being little shy and little reserved i tried to avoid the discussion involving my daily routine . While on bed lying down before sleeping(which is the only free time I get for my self 🙂 ) I used to laugh about the curiosity of human nature. Next day my landlord called me and started talking . In brief his words were :- ” Bitiyaa , tum hamari beti jaisi ho , koi bhi dikkat ki baat ho toh batana , hum tumhaari saari pareshaani door karne ki koshihs karenge 🙂 and so on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, blah,blah,blah” . The body language and facial expressions were very much dramatic , twisting of ears , dancing with hands and above all twisting the sleek pair of old legs 🙂 . naturally as it was a new house there were many necessities to be fulfilled . I conveyed the same to him . One of them was the absence of mirror , (Don’t say I ma girl and obsessed with mirror , it was my mother’s decision tha mirror should be in a GIRL’s house 🙂 ) . He said (dramatically waving with his hands and drawing the shape of a bigggg dressing mirror ) I ll get a brand new mirror in my bedroom the same evening , my mom was happy but I wasn’t 😉 , as I hate to see myself in the mirror ( reasons undisclosed 🙂 ). Two to three days went on , his description of mirror became smaller and smaller and diminished to the size of envelope and hasn’t been arranged till date 🙂 . The landlady was very much curious and used to crawl into my room like a cat , scan each and every thing and then used to put up a big panchayat with the ladies in neighbourhood . I joked with my mom , “woww , what an item family , completely opposite to my nature of being reserved and isolated 🙂 ” . Now finally got rid of those curious creatures . God saved me from those nonchalant people and hectic days 🙂

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