Untouched DHANOLTI

Day1 : September , Friday 12 , 2008 – started for Bagirathipuram ( our company’s township) 30 mins journey down the hill from New Tehri(Uttarakhand).We were 3 daring girls , reached our guest house around 7p.m I.S.T.

Day2 : September , Saturday 13,2008 – We woke up early at dawn and watched the gorgeous sun rising amid the hill tops along with beautiful clouds floating all around.our next halt from B.Puram was chamba , to be honest i was already frozen with the cool breeze, from chamba we started towards “Surkunda devi” , 🙂 a great adventure . We avoided the staircase and climbed the hill instead with a great valley down the hill  🙂 . It took nearly 3 hrs to reach the top of the hill where the temple is situated.Huhh after a great adventure we saw the notice board on the temple displayed tht the temple was situated 9995m above sea level – WHEW !
After visting the temple , and some photo sessions 🙂 , we tracked down now along the normal staircase .We drove towards DHANOLTI – i m not exaggarating , but it is really a small switzerland in INDIA . The most beautiful place i have ever seen , u ll find a thick cover of DEODAR (DEVDAR) trees , with clouds kissing ur cheeks . 🙂 Ohh a heavenly place . I learnt from the authorities that the forest range comes under Mussorie division.Again we traced back to our starting halt Chamba and then back to our guest house ,On the way we had our lunch at Tehri Clubs and Resorts . The most delightful lunch at 4.p.m I.S.T:).We went back to meet our old frnds wrking in the power house.

Day3 : September,Sunday 14,2008 – Woke up early before the dawn and caught bus for Mussorie . It was a beautifu l tourist spot with extremely high prices , Girls dont opt for shopping here 🙂 !!

4 thoughts on “Untouched DHANOLTI

  1. it seems u r working in THDCIL. I live in bhagirathipuram, working in BHEL, posted at koteshwar HEP, i do have same experience with my 4 couleags. That was very good experience.


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