Journey to Home

I was desperately waiting for days to roll by, startd counting hours to reach home . I was granted leave for 15 days after 6 months . My mom was
also eagerly waiting for me .It ‘s a tedious journey of 3 nights and 2 days from Rishikesh to my hometown . I ws my usual self panicking for everything right from packing my backpacks to locking up all windows and doors of my house 🙂 ,after an hour long journey to haridwar railway
station , caught mussorie express to Delhi cantt.There was d first suprise awaiting for me inside the 2AC coach, my reserved berth was already
occupied by some American .My first reaction was “woww, adventurous journey in Incredible INDIA” .I got to know , that too after a lot of hoch
poch that that 30 berths of 2AC coach was “sub-divided” as 3AC bcoz on first come first serve basis TT transferred my berth to 3AC. I do travel a lot but this was a bit shocking experience to me for d first time.After some hera pheri I got my berth back huhh , slept for nearly 3-4 hrs then finally reached Delhi cantonment , rushed to New Delhi railway station . A huge maroon snake was standing on the platform and smiling cunningly at me (my train 2 hometown 🙂 ) , smiled back helplessly.The coaches were irregularly
numbered.Finally i threw my luggage on my berth after rushing through the swarm of bees(read people) , 10 mins before d departure we were
informed to change our berths as the numbering of the coaches has changed huhhh. True to the word India is incredible so is U.P. In between The raavan of all with his 10 mighty heads wearing black coat was surrounded with 5-10 passengers pleading 2 cnfm their RAC’s r w8ng list .I dbt hw does he manage nt to die r suffer with suffocation r respiratory congestion problems.The train departed following indian timings i.e 1 hr late frm actual time.I slept through the entire journey just waking up in time to refuel my stomach.Finally reached home after an adventurous and tiresome

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